The Year of Action

by Matthew on December 3, 2012

This has been the year of action. Incredible action.

Since we’re entering the last few weeks of the year, and getting into the throes of the peak holiday bustle, I’m doing the year’s look-back a little early. I can’t even remember off the top of my head what my New Year’s resolutions were this year (but yes, they are written down), but the year has already exceeded them.

Three major actions I have taken this year are leading to noticeable returns already. Here they are:

1. Take Personal Fitness to the Next Level

I’ve never been overweight or really terribly out of shape, but my personal fitness level depended a lot on the weather and what hobbies I had at the time. A winter like last year’s with no snow? I went skiing twice maybe, and neither was local.

Late this spring I decided to start AND finish P90X. That was my commitment. Just do the program the way it was supposed to be done, not take any shortcuts, and finish it. That I did, and I finished in late summer. I made huge gains in strength and endurance. Also, I set a goal that required ongoing commitment, and finished it.

One of the tips that’s frequently given to beginning law students is simply this…commit. If you decide you’re going to do it, you will. I contend that this principles applies to almost everything, but especially fitness. I’ve been through law school and it was a lot harder than popping in a DVD every day and for one hour doing the best you can.

This year when you’re making your  New Year’s resolutions, take at least one that requires commitment and COMMIT. Just get it done.

2. Bring One Anti-Rat Race Business Proposition to Reality

The one product I thought I’d bring to reality this year has not gotten to that stage, but that’s because a larger project took over my attention and is getting extremely close to public beta availability. When this product launches in beta (fairly soon, but after the holidays), you can be sure you’ll hear about it here. It’s not for all markets, but that way you can see what I’ve been working on (with a couple partners).

It’s a lot of work to take a product idea from conception to market. Everyone says that, but it really does require ongoing management, continuous progress, constant focus, and brainstorming. Starting a business might be like being a mom. You might not have to be the world’s best expert at doing 100 jobs, but you need to do them all the same.

3. Helping Others With Their Business Propositions

My wife is fully self-employed as of the first of this year, and this has been its own set of business pursuits. She already had some income from self-employment before, but the transition was definitely a change and has required some business brainstorming. This in itself has been great experience, as we brainstorm ways to make ongoing business decisions in an environment that’s always changing.

I’ve also done several paid freelance projects and offered free business and technical advice to multiple entrepreneurial businesses this year.

In Summary

I love reading about other people’s great success stories of having achieved greatness by putting their hand to the plow and giving it their all, but this year I’ve turned that around and decided to be the one doing the hard work. Less talk and consumption; more work and production.

Not every pursuit will pay off, but every one is a learning experience and is actually taking action. In planning for your New Year’s goals, keep these thoughts in mind.

More information on the product launch I’ve been working on coming in the new year. 😉


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