Creating A Roku Channel And Other Stuff

by Matthew on September 30, 2011

The past couple of weeks has been incredibly productive and I’d like to share some of my progress and thoughts with you.

My recent free webinar series on getting up and running with a blog ended last Tuesday and was a definite success. Not only did I get the chance to connect with a number of different people, I learned things that bloggers were facing as they tried to use blogs to serve a need they had. I was able to help quite a few folks get beyond some current challenge they were having with their sites, and sometimes had spent hours trying to resolve on their own beforehand. The result was that I ended up with quite a bit of compiled content useful for beginning bloggers and discovered additional things I didn’t know new bloggers were facing. Good stuff.

I mentioned at the start of this blog that I wanted to build a business more Internet-based and less tied geographically to one place. For technologists like me, this is a very realistic goal since we tend to live on digital technology. I have done a lot of things with technology (sort of “jack of all trades…”) so there are lots of directions I could take, but I’ve been putting my time and energy into connecting with people, finding problems that they have, and trying to solve them. Of course, I’m still doing consulting as it comes along.

One significant thing I’ve been working on has been helping Mrs. ARR with her blog and an upcoming product launch.┬áIt’s actually very refreshing to work with a business not focused on doing some new tech thing. If you read Hacker News (which admit I do, a lot), it can seem that all new startups are just trying to solve a technology problem with more technology. Better blog platforms, better search technology, faster whatever. This is all good, but it can have the effect of pigeonholing your brain into only thinking along those lines. I try not to let myself get caught up in that. Someone else will build the ultimate universe recorder with telepathic search and neutrino transport networks.

In the last several weeks, I’ve learned about scores of business challenges which could easily be solved by an entrepreneurial technologist. Law firms, car dealerships, lumberyards, health clubs, nutrition experts…the list goes on….all with huge opportunities to dramatically improve their business in some way with comparatively rudimentary technology. Along the way, I’ve learned that Roku has a great SDK for creating your own channel. “Everyone” is going to video technology, but if you’re putting out regular video content and don’t have a Roku channel yet, think about it. There’s a surprising opportunity, in my opinion, to release video content early on this platform. Let me know if you have questions or want to ask about my consulting services for your channel. :)


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