Good Enough Is…Well…Good Enough

by Matthew on July 9, 2011

Two things came up relatively recently that reminded me of the “Principle Of Good Enough.” First was my recent purchase of a Kodak Zi8. That reminded me of a Wired article I read a couple years ago about digital cameras and digital video cameras. Second was a video interview at ThinkTraffic about three guys who build an online business. In that video, Daniel Himel mentioned the POGE and how it has influenced him.

When you are getting started with a new business or service offering, most times it’s just fine and probably even preferable to just strive initially for good enough. Find the core need that you satisfy, get your product or service to meet that need, and go for it. If you need to improve certain things, you’ll learn what they are as you go along. If you don’t need to improve things because there’s no market for your product, you haven’t wasted lots of time.


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