The Entrepreneurial Nature

by Matthew on July 6, 2011

Over the last couple of weeks since getting the Square reader for smartphones, I’ve shown it to quite a few people. It’s evidence of the way things are becoming easier all the time to transact business at all levels with minimal overhead investment. Inexpensive overhead means that more people will be able to engage in these transactions, potentially starting more businesses etc.

Still, the response I got from two actually very technical individuals was: “and you have this why?” They were completely confused that I would show an interest in a little widget that:

  • does something pretty cool (swiping credit cards is pretty cool, you have to admit. Remember those old machines…”chunk…chunk?”),
  • will be shipped to you for free,
  • has no monthly bill for the user, and finally
  • lets you tell people “yes, I can accept a credit card right here and right now.

If they were confused, I was more so. 50% of my interest was the technology behind the little reader that plugs into the headphone jack. The other 50% was the huge potential this could have for small entrepreneurs including me.

The challenge for us technophiles is not stopping at the first step, interest in the technology. It’s only the application of technology that really makes a difference. If you find something cool, chances are you can dig deeper and find a real world use for the technology. Non-applied technology helps no one. Apply technology to solve a problem and you are on you way to entrepreneurship.


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