Business Tools And Focus Like A Mosquito

by Matthew on June 18, 2011

This is the first of what may be a recurring post topic of resources and content that I’ve found useful of late.

Nat Friedman (one of the founders of Ximian back in the day) posts about how 2011 is a great time to start a business because of all the terrific and inexpensive tools available. There’s a great list of tools he’s using at his new company, Xamarin. Bookmark that list.

Next, this interview with Paul Graham is good to see how he thinks about business. There are a few recurring themes around businesses that continue to pop up among folks with a lot of experience. One theme is that you just have to go out there and give things a try. It’s possible to over-think things and never try anything. Another related theme is that you just have to hit your target once; think like a mosquito. There are plenty of big scary things which could easily derail your plans, but you’re better off just tenaciously focusing on your target.

The good thing in business is that if you fail, you can just go back to the beginning and start over; kind of like a video game. You can’t get good at something if you don’t keep trying.


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