The Most Vile Squeeze Pages On The Internet

by Matthew on June 1, 2011

Some Internet marketers are taking things too far with their squeeze pages.

Remember back in the old days when you would accidentally click something on the Internet and immediately your computer would be overrun by popup browser windows? Then, the more you closed, the more new ones opened? Ever wonder why on earth someone did that, because it was so unbelievably annoying? They probably did that because it was effective. You ended up seeing things they wanted you to see. If that wasn’t bad enough, sometimes there were computer viruses to be found in those popups. At times you weren’t sure when you went to close a window if the “X” you were clicking to close the window was really the “window close” control or whether it was an “agreement” to installing some computer-destroying virus.

Well, Internet marketing squeeze pages are heading down that general road.

Squeeze pages are intended to either push product or encourage email list subscription and many marketers have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves to try and get themselves just one more email or one more cent out of some visitor who might not really be very willing. In my opinion, these people are the Internet equivalent of used car salesmen and give the entire Internet business industry a bad name.

A few pages I’ve encountered recently had the audacity to popup at least one new “confirmation dialog” confirming that I wanted to exit the page. Along with that dialog, I was redirected to yet another hard-sell page. On one of them, I couldn’t tell how to safely exit without giving them any information so I opened Task Manager and killed my browser process. Unacceptable.

In many ways, sales and marketing has not changed much over the years; it’s still includes getting a huge list of people to pitch to. The more you learn about Internet business, the more you hear the importance of building your list. That’s your email subscriber list and salespeople and marketing folks love these things. So, they do have a legitimate purpose but can be used for good or for evil. To enrich people’s lives or to annoy them.

I prefer making an offering available to the public and not using high pressure tactics to try and snag every single contact. This is one thing I love about one of my online heros, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. His site is packed with valuable content and he offers you the opportunity to sign up for his list and utilize his affiliate links, but if you don’t, he’s cool with that too.

In keeping with the theme, though, I think I’ll include a sign-up form right here. If you want to receive my emails, I’d love it if you signed up below. If not, that’s fine as well.

Sign up for my email list! Just enter your name and email.

What do you think? Where is the line between acceptable marketing and sleazeball, nefarious, high-pressure online marketing tactics? Am I too easily offended? (if you think so, that’s OK too)


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