Choosing Online Business

by Matthew on May 22, 2011

I’m going to build an online business.

In thinking about the type of business to grow bit-by-bit until it can replace a salaried job, online businesses are a perfect fit. “Online business” really just means that the storefront and main way your business interacts with customers uses the Internet. That can be everything from a proofreading business where people email you content to proofread and email back, to a guy who started a business selling bicycle tires online and sold a million dollars of product online in a year.

With a physical brick and mortar store, it’s tough to survive if you’re only making $50 a month at first. Operational costs are high. Also, staffing the store only after work and on the weekends for a few hours here and there doesn’t work. The Internet is always on, always ready, and presents a consistent face to the public.

An added plus with Internet businesses that I see is the ability to craft the business around a desired lifestyle. If you prefer working late into the evenings and sleeping in the next morning, that’s probably fine. If you want to travel somewhere warm in the winter for an extended time you can move your business with you by taking along a laptop. A few years ago, I helped build a small Internet-based business as a partner from across the country.

Building an Internet business allows you to have low operational costs, a flexible work location, and the ability to grow your business slowly if that’s what it takes or is all the time you have at the moment.

But as you’ll hear from multiple Internet business experts, there’s still no easy button, you still have to build an actual business. The Internet just lowers costs and adds flexibility.


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